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Event Info

Event Info

Performance Info
Friday, December 15th | 7:00 PM
KWC Performing Arts Center
at Seminole High Scho

2701 Ridgewood Ave,
Sanford FL 32773

Award Winning One Act

Representing District 3 at

Florida State Thespian Festival in Tampa


The Night Witches of the 588th Night Bomber Regiment flew in planes made of canvas and wood, and they dropped bombs on Germans every 15 minutes through the night to keep their enemy from sleeping. They were constantly being shuffled and moved to perform new duties; mechanics became navigators, navigators became pilots, and pilots became commanders. Nina and Vera have just finished their training as navigators and are moments away from their first combat mission. As they fight their nerves, the women around them use different means of bolstering their spirits, some more successfully than others. But when the time comes, to the sky they must go. Tonight, however, is different than any night they’ve faced before—their enemy has employed a new tactic taking them completely by surprise.

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